Holiday Face Masks and Spreading love and Joy

Holiday Face Masks and Spreading love and Joy by Heartbeat Clothing

The holidays will be different this year Unfortunately with smaller gatherings and many people celebrating by themselves. If you plan on getting together with friends or family for the holidays, the CDC recommends wearing a Face mask to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus. That's not to say you can't be festive as Heartbeat Clothing has several holiday-themed masks to keep your spirits bright. Wearing a Cotton face mask can reduce your exposure to infectious droplets through filtration, according to the latest studies from the CDC. The most effective masks include those that have multiple layers with higher thread counts.

Last week the US reported a record high since the start of the pandemic.  Estimates are above a whopping 150K+ . With the holidays quickly approaching it's important to remember you don't have to feel ill to spread this disease. This is why it is safest to wear a face mask while you are around others.  We all were hoping some better news going into the holidays but for now we'll need to continue social distancing and keeping indoor areas well ventilated.

With just over a month left before Christmas, it's time to start planning. I think more than ever this year we want to celebrate and showing our festive spirit. With that in mind it looks like face masks will be a part of our essential wardrobe this year. What better way to get ready for the holidays than by adding a face mask to our holiday Attire? This is why Heartbeat Clothing has been stocking as many holiday patterns which you can find in our new arrivals.

It's time to break out your ugly christmas sweaters and find a face mask that compliments your holiday spirit.  Just remember That wearing a face covering is just one of many steps we need to take during this holiday season: You'll want to maintain social distance at any gathering, keep your hands clean and wash them often.  One of the best solution will be to just avoid crowds as much as possible.

Wondering what to look for when shopping for a holiday-themed face mask this season?

  • Sizes: Will the face mask contour to your face? Masks that are too loose can be ineffective.
  • Straps or ties: Ear loops can be ok when used for shorter periods of time, but face masks that are secured with ties may be best for a long day outside.  This is why Heartbeat clothings sells face masks without ear loops.  Ear loops are available upon request.
  • Contoured Design: Does the shape of your mask to fit snugly against the ridge of your nose? As an alternate you can add a nose wire where needed.

With all that out of the way lets cover some ways to make this time of year brighter in light of the tough situation we are in.

 “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Spread Love and Joy

1. Write a letter. In a world where handwritten letters have been forgotten, their uniqueness and value exponentially increase. Find yourself 10 minutes and write old friend or family member.  Put all your thoughts and appreciation on paper. You will be glad you took the time and it will brighten their day.

2. FaceTime or skype. Use it to connect face-to-face with family or a old friend from around the world. Reach out and wish them a happy holiday and maybe see what has changed in their lives.

3. Leave a big tip. Lets face it no waiter or waitress is getting wealthy at their job. Most that I know are working the shift just trying to make the ends meet for their family. Add what extra you can afford and help spread some extra holiday cheer.  Remember they are just like you and would much rather be at home with their family.

4. Dinner invites. There are a number of reasons that people are alone during the holidays. If you know someone alone this season, open your house to them.  I'm a huge fan of this of course this year is a bit different so get creative and help who you can.

5. Send a gift of food There are countless inexpensive gift ideas that can be shipped nearly anywhere in the world. With All. that has happened this year if you can't get together send them something instead. Get creative, have fun and spread that holiday spirit. 

6. Sing along. Whether in your office, The car, or in the store, you know the songs. Every year they are played over and over. Go ahead and sing along when you get the chance. It will almost certainly the mood of the person next to you and yours as well. Even if singing isn’t your thing that just makes the moment that much more memorable. Remember, the spirit is contagious.

We will never change the entire world with these ideas but we can still cheer up the people around us. Let's face it, it is up to us to make this season wonderful!


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