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Scarves and Tails by HeArtbeat by Devi

A cozy autumn scarf is soft and cuddly and is perfect for transitioning your style to fall! Layer a scarf with any outfit and accent your comfort, warmth, and style.  This was Little Devi's vision when she created HeArtbeat by Devi!

For those of you who don't know Devi, she is the little 9-year-old entrepreneur of our Heartbeat family.  We are a tight-knit family and it should come as no surprise to see Devi blossoming into a young adult who is invested in creating her own path through life.

Each scarf is finger knitted by Devi and her tails are hand crocheted. Each item is unique in its own way and soft to the touch.  All items come in varying lengths and sizes to accommodate the entire family.