Due to Covid19 we currently are only producing facemasks and custom dress orders. We offer FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING(1-2 day) on all orders over $50!

Heartbeat Clothing- Clothing That Will Make Your Heartbeat

Welcome to Heartbeat Clothing and thank you for shopping with us. Our small home-based business focuses on high-quality handmade products. We create all our products with love and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on our customer's experience and quick shipping times

Due to covid19, we have shifted our focus from clothing to cotton face masks.

All mask styles are currently listed and the fabric can be scarce.

All face masks are two layers of our premium, 100% cotton woven fabric. We attach them with soft stretchy black fabric ties & mask comes in styles your heart will love. 

You are sure to love our soft stretchy ties too.

They are the preferred choice of people who wear their masks for long periods of time, as they are less abrasive. The ties are also appreciated by people who use hearing aids or glasses as they keep the ears free.

We also offer self-adhesive nose wires for those who want them.

Thank you for your interest and we wish you all health and happiness.

What good is a cotton face mask if it takes forever to ship? 
We all know what the answer is-

That is why our orders are being filled next business day at the latest. We offer flat rate priority 1-2 day shipping. We have noticed some packages taking longer. 

For those of you who want to save a few dollars (we all do from time to time) we offer first-class postage on smaller orders. (Due to COVID we have seen an increase in first class shipping times and reliability)

Tracking provided on all orders. The priority shipping option adds insurance and is always recommended.


Please select the style of mask you wish to buy today!

Face Masks Available By Size

Adult Cotton Face Masks For Ages 15 And Up By Heartbeat Clothing

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Teen Cotton Face Mask For Ages 11-15 By Heartbeat Clothing

49 products

Kids Face Mask Large For Ages 6-11 By Heartbeat Clothing

50 products

Kids Cotton Face Mask Small For Ages 3-6 By Heartbeat Clothing

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