Face Masks Without Ear Loops For Sale

Face mask without ear loops

Face Mask Without Earloops by Heartbeat Clothing

Are you sick and tired of ear loops that irritate your ears?  If so, I've got good news for you. No more face mask ear loops ever have to bother you again. Heartbeat Clothing has face masks without Earloops for sale.  Every face mask we sell is also made right here in the USA.

Thats right!

No more irritation!

No more sore ears!

What's the best part?

Our customers love our design.

I know i know, you've heard this all before.  You've bought numerous face masks and they have all been disappointing.  I have an idea tho, why not listen to the people actually buying these face masks?

Go read their reviews now and see it for yourself.

If you have made it thus far it is safe to assume the thought of face masks with no ear loops is appealing to you. Most of us are not accustomed to wearing face masks for a long time but since the coronavirus pandemic we are wearing them.  Not only are we wearing them but often for great lengths of times.

With that in mind are you ready to discover a better solution than ear loops? We use a super soft stretchy cloth fabric that removes the ears from the face mask completely.  Our soft stretchy ties avoid the ears completely and tie at the back of the head.  We've designed our ties so once your face mask is adjusted you can slip the mask on and off without ever tying it again.

You are gonna love the soft feel of our ties and the design of our face mask.  We make them for the whole family and they are available in the following sizes.

Adult Face Mask

Teen Face Mask

Large  Kids Face Mask

Small Kids Face Mask

Wearing A Face Mask With A Hearing Aid?

Are you having issues with face masks due to having a hearing aid?  Heartbeat's face masks can solve this issue too.  Once again read our reviews.  We do not have hearing aids ourselves but there are numerous reviews from our customers that do.  We hope if this is a problem for you that you will allow us the chance to solve the issue for you.

Face Mask with Ear Loops That  Are Too Big?

With Heartbeat clothings Soft Stretchy ties you will never have this issue again.  Our ties are completely adjustable!  Thats right! Our ties are adjustable to any size you need so you can forget about face masks with ear loops that are too big.  

Face Masks Ear Adjusters

So you've had issues and started to wear the face mask adjusters?  Do you really find it convenient having to carry around an additional accessory just to wear a face mask?  Not only that but often times when you remove your face mask as we all do these adjusters go missing.  Our soft stretchy ties eliminate this issue and you'll never have to worry about extra accessories or losing them ever again.

If you are interested in trying our soft stretchy ties today check out our new inventory today to find a better way!

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