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Let's face it, despite all the doom and gloom 2020 has provided, there's a new fashion accessory sweeping the nation. Everyday people are seeking out the best new face mask styles in an attempt to make a fashion statement.  It should come as no surprise that so many are seeking out ways to coordinate their face masks to their style and fashion.
Does it surprise you?
It shouldn't!

We live in a time when people are hyper focused on their looks, styles, and designs. Face masks are no exception.  Just think about it, how many of you have friends who have a shoe collection that rivals the footwear department at Nordstroms?

We all have a few fashion addictions, and there is nothing wrong with that. That's the beauty of it all.  We are free to stylize our wardrobes with whatever accessories we choose and the now common face mask has joined the ring.

Teleport yourself back to those ever impressionable teenage years and imagine what you would be thinking.  I know when I do this I have visions of me searching high and low to find a the best teen face mask that would make my style stand out. 
I'll be honest tho, like so many of you I just prefer to see someone smile.  It's unfortunate we are at a place where we can't easily enjoy this simple pleasure of life like we are used to.  Like you, I sure hope this resolves itself sooner than later and life as we know it can resume.

Until then, Heartbeat Clothing will continue to produce stylish face masks your whole family can fall in love with.  It's a simple promise that if we have to wear a face mask we might as well make it fun, stylish, and different.
If that's just a bit too much for you there is always our simple Black face mask,which makes a statement all its own.  There's no shame in simplicity, and black is one of those colors that will never go out of style.

With the holidays on the horizon, Heartbeat has its eyes out for some quality fabrics and styles to fit the occasion.  We're hoping to have some holiday options up soon, so please stay tuned.  What better way to get the young ones ready for a season of fun but to fashion them with a quality holiday themed kids face mask.

In short, we can't change the fact that face masks are now commonplace just about everywhere. What we can do is at least have a bit of fun with them by stylizing our lives in ways that make it as enjoyable as possible.  If you're ready to discover how Heartbeat can help make this time as stylish as possible, come check out our site today!


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