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Face Mask Styles Your Teens & Tweens Will Love!

If you're like me, you've shopped for a teen or tween in recent years. We all know buying for today's teens and tweens can be very difficult. Let's face it, what was cool back when we were kids isn't hip with the teens of today. Think about it, did you love the fuzzy sweater Aunt Jenny got you for Christmas? The answer is likely no. It's crazy what a year or 40 will do to something as complex as a teenager's style.
With COVID these same concerns transcend into how to find a face mask your teen will love. It's no easy task. I mean, sure, every teen wants a trendy expensive face mask. Most would settle for this $1.5 million, face mask with 210 carats of diamonds. Let's be real though, I'm not sure this face mask is washable. So to a few teens dismay, I took it off the list of possibilities as the best mask for teenagers.
This got me thinking. There is no "Official Best Face Mask for Teens and Tweens" list. Each teen is going to have a unique want and desire. A tween may want a different style than their one year older sibling. The best teen face mask for them is the one they like, in the style they want, that fits them well. It comes down to their choice. It's not something an influencer or a company like Heartbeat Clothing can decide.
The fit of a face mask is a whole different issue. I'm waiting for the first teenage face mask trend to pop up. You know the one that resembles saggy pants and flat-billed baseball caps of past years. I'm yet to see how today's youth will make facemasks into a new fashion statement. It's likely here already and I'm just to momish these days to see it. It's coming, so if you spot it before I do, please let me know in the comments below.
There is one new trend that is likely not going away soon. It's the realization that teen face masks are often the best fit for adults with petite faces. At Heartbeat Clothing, we have seen a steady increase in this trend. We've had many adult customers comment about how they prefer the fit of the teen mask. We are proud to offer quality petite face masks that are made in the USA. If you want to ensure you get the best face mask possible for a petite face, we would also suggest a mask with ties. This will give people with smaller faces the ability to better adjust their face mask.
If you are working and wearing a face mask for 10 hours a day, you likely have another trend in mind. By the end of your 10-hour shift, your ears are probably raw when wearing face masks with ear loops. The human ear is sensitive and it was not designed for wearing face masks for 10-12 hours a day.
At Heartbeat, we came to this conclusion ourselves early into COVID. My husband at the time was working long hours in construction. By definition he was "essential" at the onset and we made the change to our soft stretchy ties. They helped fix the issue of having sore ears from face masks ear loops. When you wear a face mask for 12 hours a day, you realize that face mask ties are the way to go. The reviews from our customers have solidified this statement.
There is one thing for certain, and that is teenage styles will continue to evolve. For that reason, companies like ours must keep their styles evolving too. Releasing new styles often is at the forefront of this evolution. It's a tried and true method that allows the consumer to decide what style is correct for them. As consumers ourselves, we understand this. It's not what a company wants to sell but, what the customer wants to buy. Customers shopping for teen face masks are the ones who decide what is or is not in style.
Heartbeat offers a wide selection of custom face mask designs for your teens or tweens to fall in love with. If there is a style they are after, please feel free to reach out to us so we can try to accommodate you request. These requests let us know how we can better serve our customers. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you better and we appreciate your support.

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