The Best Face Masks for Kids & Tips to Help Them Wear One

The Best Face Masks for Kids

If anyone had told us last year that the best face masks for kids would be the hottest childrens accessory of 2020, we would have laughed our behinds off. Yet here we are, in Sept 2020; and as the world grapples with how to combat the pandemic, face masks are as important as ever, and for good reason.
The CDC recommends all children over 2 years old wear a mask when in public or when social distancing isn’t possible. Kid's face masks follow the same guidelines about fit and fabric quality as face masks for adults.
Mask should be made of at least two layers of breathable fabric and should fit securely and cover the nose and mouth without causing irritation.
This can be difficult as children can be especially sensitive to wearing face masks. Having options is important, and the way the face mask attaches is no exception.  As an important note, children should only be wearing masks if they are able to remove them without assistance  That's why our child face masks are attached with our soft stretchy ties as shown in this video.

How to Use Heartbeat Clothings Face Mask Ties

Face Mask Styles Kids Love

Kids are no exception in the world of style and often are at the forefront of new trends. Style is an important part of purchasing a face mask they will love and cherish. This will also help assure they feel confident and proud to wear it as needed. As schools start to open back up and your children reunite with their friends, this is sure to be important to them. 

An important thing here is that companies across the United States continue to create options for our children.  No company will be able to make everyone happy or make a mask that every child loves.  Heartbeat is no exception to this, but we are interested in helping the children who love our designs.  This is also why we are dedicated to adding new designs weekly so parents have a selection of kid face masks to choose from.

Tips To help Kids Understand The Importance Of A Face Mask
  • Be a role model and wear a face mask. This will help them accept the mask and familiarizes the child with how a face mask looks when being worn. Remind your child you can still see people's eyes and encourage them to smile. Encourage them to still talk, play and have fun while wearing a mask.

  • Answer your child's questions about wearing a face mask. Ask your child what they know about the Coronavirus and wearing a mask to assess their understanding. Talk about other things we do that also help stop germs and keep us healthy like covering your mouth when you cough, washing your hands and social distancing.

    • Explain that wearing a face mask is a rule and make it a part of your child's routine. Talk about how other people also have to wear face masks. Show your child pictures of other kids, friends, or family members wearing a mask.

    • Kids will react differently to wearing a mask depending on their age. Start by explaining what a face mask is. Tell them why we need it and when we need to wear it. Use appropriate language, honesty, and most importantly use simple words. You can say "a face mask helps to keep us safe by stopping germs from getting into our body when you sneeze, cough, talk.

    • Teach your child how to put on and take off the face mask. Allow your child to see themselves in the mirror when wearing a mask. Practice wearing the mask at home before going out in public.

    • Kids love to play and often learn best through play. Pretend to be a mask wearing doctor, animal, or superhero. Put a mask on your child's stuffed animal, action figure, or doll.  Draw, color, or write a story about people wearing face masks.

      • It may take time, patience, and practice.  Your child may need to adjust to the changes of wearing a mask. Accept and comfort your child regarding the concerns they may have about wearing a mask. Provide positive encouragement and lots of praise when your child wears their mask.

      • Kids do well with choices and feeling they are in control. Let your child help pick out their favorite color, pattern, or character.  This will encourage them to love what will be on their face mask. You can also use fabric markers, fabric paint, to decorate and personalize their mask. ( Please do your research on these products to assure you are not using one that will harm your child)

      • Ask your child what is hard about wearing a mask. Validate their feelings, use active listening, and allow them to question what they need to. Share your feelings about a wearing a mask as.

      • Invite your child to experience fun and normal play activities. This will help your child reduce their stress, express their feelings, learn, grow, and better cope with change.
       We hope these tips to help your child wear a mask will assist you. We all must support our children in this difficult time.  We will get through this together!


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      • I’ve tried many other kinds of masks. But since I have tired yours they are the best! I have fell in love with yours completely! I can breathe and the quality of the fabric is so nice❤️

        • Megan