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National Kidpreneur Day

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There are few things in life as inspiring as seeing a young Kidpreneur working toward building their dreams like a true kid boss.  Did you also know today is National Kidpreneur Day?  It's amazing to see the can do attitude in these Kidpreneurs, something that's been drained from so many adults throughout their lives.  In true inspiration, these young kids defy the odds and prove there is a way to build on small successes and from nearly nothing.

National Kidpreneur Day is a topic that hits home here at Heartbeat Clothing, as we have our own little entrepreneur in our midst.  This young Kid Boss is none other than 9-year-old Devi, who helps us with videos, photos, and so much more from time to time. It's her story here that's inspiring, as she has slowly pieced together the first stages of her business through the Kidpreneur Program.
Devi the kidpreneur with the fashion column interview by Kidforce

Her inspiration was born from her desire to become a veterinarian, and us being very open with her about how expensive such a thing can be.  In response, she has followed in her family's footsteps and has created her own source of income.  In a few short months she has paid back  original loans she was given to get started and made her business profitable.

It's been a great experience for us here at Heartbeat Clothing, as it has enabled us to include Devi in our businesses as well.  We recently had did an interview in the So.Cal Shout Out section that goes deeper into this.
Devi dressed up as a cat

Q & A with Heartbeat by Devi's own Kidpreneur

  • What's the hardest part of being a Kidpreneur - "Having motivation is hard. Sometimes you have to look past the work and see the reward."
  • What's the best part of being a young entrepreneur? - "Being able to buy things I want rather than trying to sell my old stuff to get what I want." 
  • Do you think more kids should try to become Kidpreneurs? - " Yes, because they can get more money to buy things their parents won't."
  • What have you learned about money? - "That is doesn't just fall out of the sky and I have to work if I want it."
  •  Why is your business important to you? - "I can save money for veterinary college.  I feel happy and excited when I send scarves to people and they love them. I have money to buy things and that makes me happy and excited."
  • What's your favorite Kidpreneur? - "My teacher who makes it fun!"

Wondering how you can find this young Kidpreneur?

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Do you have a young Kidpreneur who is looking for more assistance?

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