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"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."- Joseph Campbell

I love this quote! It inspires so much.

It reminds us that there's exponentially more beauty and energy in the world than we often remember or experience each day. It's easy to be overcome by how busy we are and the unforeseen things that consume our day, week or month.

"When life was worrying about a car payment or a rent payment and a bill, you're so consumed with that, you really don't have time to know yourself. That's surviving and getting by." 

- Fred Durst 

When we consciously remove ourselves from all the noise, it becomes so much easier to match our heartbeat to the beat of the universe. It's this heartbeat that reminds us who we are, why we are here and what or who is important

.Here at Heartbeat, we are undergoing some major changes and they relate so much to this. To fully understand, we want to dive into our history a bit and talk more about the roots of Heartbeat!  

A story...

Never told before.

If you have followed us for long you likely understand how important family is to us. In this context, we consider you family! We are eternally grateful for the relationships we have developed with all of you.  

Heartbeat has grown from one of our own profound family experiences.   One we hope, in time, to experience more.   One we hope you and your loved ones can experience.
In your own way. Because... That is what life is really about!  Feb 17,2019 Amsterdam, Holland

The synchronicity of life can often leave you awestruck. Take a  step back. Look at the little things.  Look how beautifully they can compound.

While on a rare but special family vacation in 2019 we came across the building in the photo above. This building would soon inspire us to rebrand Heartbeat as we have.

At the moment this picture was taken, we knew there was more to this picture than we could comprehend. 
It instantaneously spurred discussion.
It spurred thought.

It spurred passion.

At that moment it was special. 

In the long run, it was important.


It was soon lost and forgotten in the noise of life.

It's odd because I sit here today and wonder how easily this one moment could have slipped by.  How any small turn of events could have created a different path forward. An alternate path down a different street.


A walk like that day, down another canal.

 That was not an option. I would like to believe our heartbeat soon matched the beat of the universe. A clear and defined path forward was envisioned. In time, this important photo crept back into our hearts.

It once again became a discussion.

This discussion became action.

 Our action became a heartbeat.


Heartbeat became our future.

Approximately one year ago today on August 19th we started to debut our vision. A vision, that had many challenges still to come.

I'll be honest, Our journey has not been easy.

What it has been is FUN, REWARDING


Full of surprises!

I don't need to remind any of you about Covid,


It has been a major obstacle for us despite how it may seem on the outside. At every turn, there has been a curveball thrown our direction. Each time it has forced us to scramble and rise only then to be met with a new set of challenges. Each of these challenges has been overcome because of you.


When COVID first started many will remember I was actively donating as many face masks as I could. While we do not have exact numbers we know it was close to 1k masks

It's something I would likely still be doing,


I could.

It felt good to me. It was right.


I could not jeopardize our business.

Or could I?

Did I Dare? 

I woke one day to a major problem. One which haunts us to this day. The goliaths in the business world had a very different idea of how our business should be run. We are playing on their turf. 

In their world.

In this place, you will only succeed if you succumb to their will, adapt or slip through the cracks of their system.

Our struggles had only just begun!

Please stay tuned for part two which will be sent out in the coming days.

Thank you for being the heartbeat that drives us forward! You are the ones that allow us to match our heartbeat to the beat of the universe.

Heartbeats happen!

You are our Heartbeat!

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