Custom Made Apparel? Don't Mind if I Do!

Whew, the past few years have been a whirlwind and so much of my sewing was masks, I had hardly anytime for my true love : CUSTOM APPAREL. 
And while making masks for so many people was amazing, I sure am glad to be back to truly creating...Making custom items for people who want something just for them! 
It feels good to say that.
Incase you are new here...Hi! I'm Jamie, and I love to sew. It really all started when I was a little girl sitting at my grandmother's feet as she made all kinds of things. I watched her sew little animals with tiny dresses, bonnets and purses. I watched her sew so many quilts for so many people. I watched her fix clothing and do just about anything with a needle, and one day, she handed me a scrap of fabric and a needle, too. I was probably 7 years old...Maybe younger. 
That was so long ago. Over 30 years in fact. I've come a long way, and although I sewed random stuff throughout the years, my passion really began with one small person. You'll see her around here a lot, she's my daughter, my inspiration and my world. 
She isn't that little anymore, of course, but that dress really kicked things off with starting a small business. She was 7 in this photo, and believe it or not, that dress is still being worn, but has been passed down a number of times. For perspective, this girl is 11 now. 
I make quality clothing that lasts a long time!
Here she is now, a tween who loves the cottagecore aesthetic. She keeps me learning all the time, with her fashion requests, which keeps me creative!
To get to the point, what I love to do is make people's fashion dreams come true. I like to work with people who have a vision I can bring to reality. The process generally involves taking specific measurements, picking fabric and either finding or creating the pattern. And of course, the sewing! 
A lot more goes into this, but that's a story for another blog. It's Sunday, and about time to cook dinner for my family.
So, if you're ready for clothing that's made just for you that actually fits, let's chat. I'm always available via email, you can reach me at
I'm excited to hear all about your ideas! Let's make them a reality!


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