Due to Covid19 we currently are only producing facemasks and custom dress orders. We offer FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING(1-2 day) on all orders over $50!

441 Dress Giveaway

Welcome to our 1000 Facebook Followers 441 Dress Giveaway page.

At Heartbeat Clothing we are thankful for each and every one of you.  We understand we would not be here today without the love and support we have experienced from so many of you.  In light of this statement we have put together our largest giveaway to date. Thank you, YOU are our heartbeat!

We have designed this giveaway to make it more fun and interactive. Each time you interact, follow, share, invite your friends and send us someone new you will be rewarded.  Each point you earn will create an additional entry into the contest. You can earn as many points as your heart desires. Each point earned multiplies your chances of winning.

In addition to the main prize, there are incentives built into the giveaway.  Earn yourself discount codes, free face masks and entries into our additional giveaway, which is a Devi Twirly Dress in your choice of adult or kid size.

Get creative, share us with your friends and have fun!

Grand Prize

4 Dresses, 4 Seasons, 1 Winner

Are you ready to win a new custom dress for each season of the year? Our grand prize winner will win 4 custom dresses. One for each upcoming season!

These dresses will be designed with the help of the winner who gets to pick the fabric of their choosing from Knitpop.com.  All selections will need to come from the DBP (double brushed poly) category unless otherwise agreed upon.  Take your time, pick the perfect fabric, you deserve it.  Once selected, we will order the fabric ourselves and begin the process of designing a custom one of a kind dress your heart will love.  

Additional prizes 

Free Facemask- Available after 70 points

10% off entire order- Available after 45 points

5% off entire order- Available after 20 points

Devi Twirly Dress-
Not everyone is entered into this giveaway.  Earning 10 points will qualify you for this prize.  Once qualified, you can earn additional entries by interacting, sharing and inviting your friends.  Some incentives will earn you up to 50 entries into this giveaway.  We have sprinkled these entries throughout the entire contest.