Gingerbread Face Mask
Gingerbread Face Mask
Gingerbread Face Mask
Gingerbread Face Mask
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Gingerbread Face Mask

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Gingerbread Face Mask By Heartbeat Clothing

Do you know what sucks about a typical Gingerbread Face Mask? They don't fit well, are uncomfortable, and use cheap boring fabric.

What fun is that?

I'll answer, NO FUN AT ALL!

That's why you'll love Heartbeat Clothings Gingerbread Face Mask.
Our masks contour to fit the curves of your face giving you peace of mind.

All our face coverings are two layers of premium, 100% cotton woven fabric. We attached them with soft and stretchy black ties and each face mask comes in styles your heart will love.

You are sure to love our soft stretchy ties. They are the preferred choice of people who wear their masks for long periods of time, as they are less abrasive. The ties are also appreciated by people who use hearing aids or glasses as they keep the ears free.

Every face mask is hand-made with love and attention to detail right here in the USA. You will feel good about supporting a LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS! We'll feel good about supporting your needs in a fast and affordable way!

Gingerbread Face Mask For Kids And Teens

We know how important the FAMILY is!

That is why we have created sizing options for those with younger children. If you have kids, you understand how hard it can be to find items in their size. In fact, this is exactly why Heartbeat Clothing started. With that in mind, the age ranges are for an average-sized child. If your child is smaller or larger than average, please to our size chart for help.

These FUN face coverings will make your child WANT to wear one.

For safety and due to the current situation, masks are not returnable.

We hope you'll understand.

Before purchasing, please review the size chart page. Some smaller adults may prefer the teen size mask. If for any reason there is a serious issue with fit, please call or email us. We will review any concerns on a case by case basis and make things right.


Well, that's a silly question but I'll bite.



Cotton masks are not recognized by the CDC as a preventative measure for Covid19. But, many locations are now requiring face coverings at the CDC's recommendation.

Thanks for your interest!

Welcome to our family!


Fabric can be scarce so please select the style of mask you wish to buy today!
Gingerbread Face Mask
Gingerbread Face Mask